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Sampler Issue of Stamp News Online Magazine

Stamp News Online (SNO) Sampler Issue

(This Sampler Issue is from our November 2012 issue of Stamp News Online. Stamp News Online also begins a month by month Famous Birthdays feature in its 2013 Stamp Collection of the Month Display. This online feature will run through December 2013. It selects a famous person whose birth date falls on each day of the month, and supports it with a stamp that has been issued for that person. In this Sampler we have listed the January Famous Birthdays from our January 2013 issue of Stamp News Online. If you were born in January, see what famous person was born on your birthday!)

The World Cup - With the World Cup beginning on June 12, 2014 and running through the championship game on July 13, 2014 in Brazil, we present here stamps that trace the history of this worldwide event from the first, 1930, competition to date. Click here or the Browsing the Web button to your left for the complete World Cup article!

Table of Contents

  1. The World Cup—A Pictorial History on Stamps in Browsing the Web
  2. Lombardy-Venetia (June 1, 1850) in Fabulous Firsts
  3. New Scott Specialized- in Philatelic Literature
  4. The 1847 Issue and Reproductions - in Stamp Identification
  5. Confederate States of America, Part Three - in The Stamp Specialist
  6. STAMPS Magazine, May 5, 1979 in Stamp Market Tips
  7. The Belasco Collection of Vending and Affixing Perfs - in Viewing Collections
  8. Malta - in World of Stamps
  9. French WW II Forgeries in Yesterday in Stamps
  10. Rutherford B. Hayes and The Electoral Commission in Yesterday in U.S. Stamps News
  11. Famous January Birthdays - in Collections and Holiday Stamps
  12. Contact Us


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